The Coins and History Foundation

The foundation’s purpose is to share the passion for history and numismatics, to promote the hobby of collecting coins and medals to a wide audience, as well as to increase the knowledge and awareness of rare and historical coins, modern coins and medals.

The Coins & History Foundation is a registered Dutch foundation established by various key members of the numismatic world in order to support and promote a broader understanding of coins and currency, while also offering help and information about the collecting, display, and appreciation of coins. Our objectives are to:
  • Support research in the areas of numismatics, archaeology and history through sponsorship of research projects, publications, exhibitions and congresses and issuing of scholarships.
  • Support and encourage publications in the area of numismatics, archaeology and history, both those of high academic ambitions reaching a narrow audience and educational publications targeted for a wider audience.
  • Support and encourage any activity that stimulate collections of coins and medals, in particular those that engage with a wider audience than the traditional numismatic societies, including young and new collectors.
  • Support young designers and engravers of coins and medals through scholarship and sponsored design competitions.
  • Help bringing together the various part of the numismatic industry, including scholars, collectors, dealers, mints and designers.
  • Stimulate ethical and environmentally friendly sourcing of metals for production of coins as well as supporting ethically and environmentally friendly production methods.
The Coins & History Foundation is registered with the Dutch trade register (nl. Kamer van Koophandel) with KvK-number 77953827 and RSIN 861212071