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Irish Gun Money

A fascinating chapter in the history of Irish coinage occurred between 1689 and 1691 when the deposed King James II authorised the striking of token money made from melted-down guns to finance his army as he tried in vain to recover his crown. It was the largest regal issue of base metal coinage since the … Continue reading Irish Gun Money

The Greatest Polish Gold Coin is Already 400 Years Old!

100 ducats – the largest (350 gram) and most expensive Polish coin; minted in 1621 by King Zygmunt III Vasa on the occasion of the victorious battle with the Turks at Chocim. The coin was made by the famous engraver Samuel Ammon. During the 2018 auction, a copy of the coin was sold for over 2 million dollars (auction record for a Polish coin). This year marks the 400th anniversary of the coin’s issue.

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